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Arrrrh! There was a bit of an emergency discovered at work late last night--I found it this morning and started fixing things. Brian was in some kind of a rush to get to the beach so he took V and the car and blasted out of the hotel room without even asking how long I'd be or anything. Not that I was planning on spending any more time in the sun--something horrible is attacking my legs and I think it has something to do with sunscreen or maybe just sunlight. Anyway, it's itchy and gross-looking. So I was thinking I'd drop them off at the beach and then tool around in the cool rental car but no.

So I finished less than an hour after they had left. I decided to walk to downtown Wilmington, which is a straight shot down Market Street. On the map it looked fairly innocuous. In real life it was killer. The first 2.8 miles are utterly without shade and the road is designed to be the opposite of pedestrian-friendly. Actually, there are sidewalks the whole length so I imagine that at one time the road was intended to accommodate pedestrians. Then the pedestrians must have done something to royally piss off the road so badly that it was retrofitted for vengeance. Anyhow, I survived, I read a ton of historical markers and fulsome paeans to models of southern manhood, I found a bookstore, I bought some groceries for the plane ride tomorrow, I returned to the hotel. Now what? Brian said he'd call when they were on the way back, but he'll probably feed Victoria first and want a nap when they get back. Then I can either watch them sleep or go somewhere and read. Stupid.

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