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Man, I could NOT sleep last night. Brian was home, so he had the window unit going in our bedroom. The noise bugs me, but the couch is so cushiony that you sink right into it--nice and cozy like, exactly the wrong thing for a stickyhot night. Which was ok, since back-from-vacation xTim had told me about his beach book, Michael Crichton's State of Fear. Without the book itself (I am borrowing his copy as soon as he remembers to bring it to work) I still found plenty to read about it on the web.

As morning approached I saw that the local authorities had declared a code red day due to ozone levels. Free bus rides! I took the Ride-On to Safeway and got two 12-packs of diet soda. When I started selling sodas six and a half years ago, I sold about three Cokes to every two Diet Cokes. Now my Diet Coke sales are double the Coke's--yesterday I ran completely out by the end of the day. Horrors. Took the Metrobus from Safeway to campus and got to work extra early. By noon my eyes were getting that gritty feeling that happens when I skip too much sleep, so I cleaned my purse, inspired by muzikmaker21's meme:

Yellow pen from Plant Science building, blue click ballpoint
Grey pen from office, black felt tip
Classy twist pen from campus business services, black ballpoint
3-prong holder
Combination lock
Note to self to pay Visa online
PayPal debit card
Credit union ATM card
Discover card
American Express card
Visa card
University ID card
Drivers license
My health insurance card
…for all the good it does me. Brian has put a moratorium on doctor visits until we are switched over to his policy. His brother found out about his leukemia from a routine cholesterol check and wound up with crazy-huge hospital, doctor, and drug costs. His health insurance covered it. Brian is living the next five months in fear of discovering a condition that will cause the new insurance to deny us coverage.
Victoria’s health insurance card
Hmm. Surely he will want to chance a birthday checkup for a 5yo? I will ask.
My Montgomery County library card
Victoria’s Montgomery County library card
Ticket from Waybacks concert
Wristband from Waybacks concert before that one
Metro card with $0.05 left
Metro card with $0.50 left
Metro card with $1.25 left
Metro card with $2.05 left
Border’s gift card
Chico’s gift card
Two Starbucks gift cards
Auto insurance cards
Mammogram referral I forgot to use last October
Food co-op membership card
Plus shopper’s card (grocery store in Kansas)
Petco savings card
Plaza art store savings card
Costco membership card
Giant grocery savings card
CVS savings card
Two bank statements
Mortgage payment receipt
Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions, 6th revised edition
Return address torn from SD’s letter
Sunnyland Band official membership card
Glass artist’s card
Nine of my business cards
List of books kugelblitz was looking for ages ago
Penguin temporary tattoo
Ravenswood “State of Zinfomania” temporary tattoo
Lawyer’s card
Printer’s price quote
WABA bookmark
Purdue guy’s card
Woodworker in Antietam’s card
Bookseller’s card
Endodontic specialist’s card
Unbreakable comb
Two packages of Splenda
$4.06 in change: 2 half-dollars, 8 quarters, 7 dimes, 5 nickels, 21 pennies
$32 in folding money: 1 ten, 2 fives, 12 ones

Well, she was right; that was kinda lame. On the bright side, modifying a log analyzer should be a more interesting task now that I have some perspective. And in mere hours I will enjoy a free ride home!

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