koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

It's Monday all right

Got up late, dealt with a cranky toddler and a modicum of ants, got to work practically on time, and spent the morning solving a hitherto intractable problem. Called the original owner of the problem to share the joy and got the thanks-here's-a-worse-one response. Kee rap. I think I will take a break and tell my dear journal about my weekend.

Backwards. I got up late because I went to bed late. My latest paperbackswap book arrived on Saturday but I didn't unwrap it until last night. I advise against opening Lois McMaster Bujold's The Warrior's Apprentice this late, as it is unputdownable. Prior to that, I was at the annual bbq for Brian's softball team. They play at West Potomac Park, which is a nice hike from the Smithsonian metro station. Victoria and I met them there after their 2nd game and we enjoyed some food (until the Park Police stopped by to say NO GRILLS ALLOWED, maybe this is a new rule) and drink (until the Park Police came by again to say NO ALCOHOL, this is not a new rule although the enforcement is new) and company (until the Park Police came back to start collecting IDs, which seemed to dampen conviviality).

Saturday Brian and I went to anigma_i's birthday party, unexpectedly. I had hoped to see aramintamd's play that night, and when Jennifer called to see if a car would be available for her use on Sunday, I negotiated a babysitting gig so Brian could attend as well. Damned if he didn't answer a phone call in the parking lot of the theater at seven fiftyfuckineight pm and proceed to talk for twenty minutes. What an oaf. So we went to the party instead.

Friday night Brian suggested we go out to eat. This is unusual, since he had just returned from a week of travel and he's usually tired of restaurants at that point. Chris's girlfriend was visiting, maybe that's why. We went to Vicino's, our favorite place in Silver Spring, and I walked home because the evening was so pleasant.

We now return you to your previously scheduled Monday. Drat!

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