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We had a party for my Father-in-Law's 80th birthday yesterday. The day before the event, we learned that he'd never had a birthday party before. Somebody suggested that we make up for it all in one day: play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, have a pinata, hire a stripper, etc. Brian told me about this when he got home shortly before midnight; I said I thought I could come up with a pinata in time.

Sunday morning, however, I did not remember this right away. Brian and Victoria were going to church and I left at the same time for a walk. I remembered the pinata promise shortly after the turn-around point and I sped up to a ridiculous pace. I felt fine, but I am sure I looked really, really silly. But I got home at noon on the dot, hopped in the truck and drove to Safeway. I knew I had seen pinatas in a grocery store recently. That store was not Safeway. It was Shoppers Food Warehouse, I realized--I hurried down there, but they only had two enormous purple dragons. I have nothing against purple dragons, but these were about 5-gallon capacity pinatas, way too big. I figured I was halfway to Party City by now so I just continued on. Even Party City was almost tapped out. They had quite a few of the pull-the-ribbon pinatas but only one little whackable orange dinosaur pinata, which I bought. Stavishes like to swing sticks at stuff.

The party was a big success. We had great weather for the picnic part, then a quick rain pushed everyone inside for the cake part, then most of the older crowd wandered home while the kids (all 16 grandchildren were there) opened the pinata and played in the mud. The middle-ageds sat around in damp chairs and drank. Very nice!

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