koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

another weekend

Saturday we went to Maryland Day (a greatly expanded version of the former Ag Day). We got there about 9am because I wanted to see my coworkers in the horse show. Victoria insisted upon driving a tractor instead, for almost an hour. She camped out in the cab and wouldn't budge. Jennifer found us there and we met the riders on their way back. One had won first place, the other last place. We said hi to all the animals and then checked out the animal science court (best crafts) and the booths in front of math and engineering (best swag) and went to lunch at South Campus dining hall. Then we went to the mall (best games), where we waited through a long line to learn that Victoria only likes the moon bounce from the outside. Brian came by at that point and hung out for maybe an hour. He ditched us and we went to plant science to see the germ and bug stuff. We didn't even come close to seeing everything. The weather was perfect. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday was the march for women's lives. The only person I could drag along was Victoria. Jennifer pled a Monday econ test, Christopher wanted to sell ads (he just joined the business team for the school paper). Toddlers aren't into speeches, so we only went to walk. Halfway through, she insisted that she needed a "flag" so I got her a sign (NARAL). The wind turned it into a sail, so she carried it travois-style until we got to another sign cache (a.k.a. trash barrel) where we traded it for a smaller sign with no stick (PP). That one she carried the rest of the way home.

We got back to a dining room full of boys playing poker and a weekend's worth of undone housework. I truly did consider doing something about the housework but decided in favor of reading a magazine.

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