koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

another day

What a crap day yesterday was. Meetings all day, couldn't go out at lunchtime, went up to see my parents because my mom was really hot to get a giant load of stuff out of her basement. We stayed and talked a while but I got back home and emptied the car by 9:30. Christopher walked in about then and laughed. "Dad is going to freak when he sees this! He told me, 'Don't you dare bring any of their crap here!' when I was helping them last week." I know this, but hearing it made me even more depressed than my usual post-parent-visit self. I sorted through the night and put a lot of stuff back in the car for Chris to drop off at the thrift store after VBS.

Worst part? I lost my pedometer. This makes me very sad, in a recursive way as I realize how sad it is that I am a person who gets so sad over the loss of a step-counting ovoid.

Chris left late to see An Inconvenient Truth with some friends, so he came close to oversleeping. I did, too, and Victoria was more interested in playing than in getting ready to leave the house. I had populated the dollhouse while she slept and she had to change everyone's clothes right away. They left and I took a quick shower, dressed, and discovered in the driveway that I had no key to the truck. I had borrowed Chris's earlier because I'd given mine to a neighbor. Then I gave it back to Chris last night when I drove up to my parent's house. It was 8:24am (I am supposed to be at work at 8:30, so I was going to be late anyway). I went back inside and got my helmet and rode my bike. It was about 8:55 when I got in the office, although my bike computer recorded 20 minutes of trip time. Whatever, it was the most fun I'd had in the past 24 hours.

It's almost lunch time and I miss my pedometer. I am hoping that it fell off in the car somewhere.

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