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all good

Friday I went to pick up Victoria from daycare, but I was herded into the backyard instead. Saturday was the babysitter's big birthday bash and several relatives were in town already. We chatted and drank while kids ran around; it turned out Brian had already been pressed into service and was making a run to Tick Tock. Christopher also appeared briefly to deliver a chair.

I went to bed early and was up before 6am. I biked to the Wheaton library to return books AND to check on the mileage from my house to University Blvd via Sligo Creek trail. I had always known it to be a 10.7 mile round trip, but last time I walked it the pedometer showed 9.9 miles. My bike computer confirmed that the one way trip is 5.37 miles so I think I must use longer strides when I am walking long distances quickly.

On the way back, I checked out the tip I'd heard a few weeks ago about taking Forest Glen to get to the Rock Creek Trail. Worked like a charm. I rode north only as far as Grosvenor, then turned around. I stopped at the Audubon place to see if they had children's program information but no one was there. I watched a deer there for a minute or two, then two huge delivery trucks came storming up the hill and scared her away. I took East-West Hwy home, not recommended for beginners or people who value life and limb.

Incredibly, Christopher was awake when I got home. I don't think it was even 10am! We drove to the credit union so that he could deposit the spoils of his week's labor. He had been helping my dad haul away scads of house-contents in preparation for their move. We got back home and walked to the post office, goofed around the house, tried fruitlessly to get Victoria to nap, and then made our way to the party for an evening of birthday fun. We got home just before midnight. Brian left around 5am to get to the airport. I am going to take Victoria to Sunday School, where Jennifer is playing bells or singing--I can't remember which, they always recruit the college kids back for the summer--at all three services. Then we'll go to Brian's parents to say Happy Fathers Day and (I hope) figure out what's wrong with their internet service.
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