koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Dreading Home Depot

This morning my babysitter requested (and I use the term lightly) a lift to Home Depot later today. I would be a jerk to say no; I did not say no. But I HATE everything about this trip and have been dreading it all day. I just wanted to go to the libraries (somehow we became beholden to two branches in the recent past, time to consolidate) and go home and dogsit and chill.

Instead we have to deal with the line (there is always a line) at the return counter (she always has a return) and then find everything slightly wrong on her list (she always makes a list from which to deviate) or NOT find it, which is much, much worse. That means we have to hunt down a person in an orange apron and ask for the--here we move our hands around in an approximation of the object's size and shape while inchoately describing its function. This person will nod and hold a finger up, indicating that we should follow. We follow until we reach another orange-aproned person and now the three of us perform the object-seeking ritual. Occasionally, we end up finding the object. If we're lucky as hell, it will have a scannable barcode--the next hurdle is to pay for the items and that requires using the self-serve counters. No one mans a cash register at Home Depot anymore, although a benighted individual is usually floating about to gaze in wonder at stations where "assistance" has been requested.

Oh, look! Time to go. Hooray.
Tags: babysitter

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