koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

regular old weekend

Friday night Victoria and I bumbled through the beginning of a set of fairy wings. They're not done yet, but I predict that they will be less than fabulous when they are. But they will be festooned with heart stickers and pink stuff.

Saturday morning I walked the western section of the Northwest Branch trail. It was the perfect day for it. skipernicus forgot to accompany me, but he did acquiesce to opening his door and feeding me a beer once I'd finished. I was telling the fairy wing story when his wife said, "$12 from Hearthsong" and found them in about 25 seconds. On the other hand, I asked skipernicus what I had missed the night before at FF and he said, "Nothing. No one good came. It was dreadful." So if you're ever wondering why I would be friends with skipernicus, please refer to this post. If you wonder why I like his wife, take a number and stand behind me. I do, but there is no earthly reason for it.

Sunday Brian wanted to do the neighborhood House and Garden Tour. I had been on it before and knew that little kids are not especially welcome. I wanted to go to the Sheep and Wool Festival, but it seemed a little old for Victoria, too. Another option was the Bay Bridge walk, but again it was skewed higher, age-wise, than I'd have liked. So we visited my parents, instead. I upgraded a lot of stuff on my mom's computer while Victoria charmed the grands.

Some cleaning, some reading, just another too-short weekend.

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