koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

catching up

The weather was nice so we did a lot of walking around over the weekend. Victoria saw two kids in a stroller at the playground and decided that she wanted to go strolling, so I beat all the spiders out of the stroller and figured out how to turn the seat around. No, I didn't actually. I tried and tried and tried, then I went to the Graco website and found a Coachrider users manual. Anyway, the seat got turned around and we strolled. Saturday evening my neighbor had an Admire My Azaleas party, so we went and did some admiring and drinking. Sunday we took in-laws to the farmers market, then Victoria and I went to a birthday party.

V had been gearing up for this party for weeks. She sang the Happy Birthday song daily. At the party, though, ice cream was served immediately before the singing part, so she was too occupied to sing when the moment came. Oh well.

I took her home and went to work to get a head start on a project that popped up Friday. It looked like it might be involved but it had to be finished quickly. I'm glad I did! Building the data structure took all night. I went home at 6:30 to get Victoria and take her to daycare, then back to work to put everything together. I swear I did nothing else all day Monday. Same thing Tuesday and I turned it in a little after 5pm. Then I went to the WABA board meeting. Then I read 700 email messages. The end.

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