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Wow! Check me out a year ago (see below)! My dentist has cool toys all over her office. Last visit I was loving the toothcam. Today I was digging the tunes--she has XM radio and except for a couple of inoffensively average songs, I liked everything I heard. I got to work and looked up XM 75. Horrors! It's The Voice of Starbucks?! I am such a dork. I mean, I sorta know that anyway but no one likes to be slapped across the face with the confirmation of same.

So my teeth were good, which means I won't be paying to have things filled or removed or shored up sooooo ... I stopped by Daedalus for a quick look around. I have promised not to buy any books, but they sell music, too. And I'm not clear on the details of my no-book-buying promise, but I think it's just no books for myself, which is why I felt that a couple of things for Victoria would be ok. And then I got some nice Hokusai cards for thank-you notes. <--- People are always asking me, "Goodness, must you always be so terribly subtle?" And I have to say, "You know, if I had a nickel for every time people asked me that question..."

From efbq: Post a link to your entries on this day six months ago, nine months ago, a year ago and 2 years ago.

November 29, 2005
In which I am the blue guy again and again
"Ah--cream of oblivion!"

August 29, 2005
In which two kids leave for institutes of higher learning
*My New Year's resolution to floss has been interrupted briefly as departing children took all of my dental floss. Also all of my spaghetti sauce, lollipops, granola bars, toilet paper, my telephone cord (leaving the anurous telephone smack in the middle of a room upstairs ... no matter, no one ever answers it anyway), and probably many things I have not yet discovered.

April 27, 2005
In which I fail to impress the dental hygienist
"Oh Koralleen," she exclaimed in my mind, "How I wish we had something more impressive than a toothbrush and a teensy trial-size capsule of floss to give you! Here, how about a poster about gum disease? A plaster cast of your impressive crossbite?"

April 28, 2004
In which I look at a camel
It's a bit chilly outside, but he seemed pretty content.

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