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Brian did all the holiday stuff, except I had contributed a couple of scarves and a book and a movie for the basket. If I get candy for holidays, I hear about how kids don't need to be eating that crap. Can you guess? With Brian at the helm, this morning was a jellybean&chocolate pigout. I am fine with that. Fine. So fine that I am telling everyone on lj just how fine I am. With that. Which is fine. There.

We did church. We did lunch with much family. I dropped my car off at the repair place but now I feel dumb about it--I think it probably only needs a new battery, but I panicked last week. Oh well, maybe the guy can also figure out why my brake light on the dash stays on. I walked back from the garage to do some walking, but once I'd started I began to dread the prospect of walking up University Blvd. It's not pleasant, not that strolling along Rte 1 is a barrel of fun but at least it's a change of scenery for me. I considered walking to the College Park metro and taking the train home instead, but I hate paying that extra twenty-five cents for crossing the state line. Then I looked down and on the sidewalk were two dimes, a nickel, and a penny. I guess I know a sign when it clonks me on the head; I took the subway.

Victoria got up from her nap exactly when I returned to the house. We ate a bunny's head and then watched The Black Cauldron, which was not exactly an Easter flick, although there were a few critters raised from the dead in it. It would have been too scary for Victoria but for the mitigating factor of a princess among the cast of characters.


Apr. 17th, 2006 12:14 pm (UTC)
Fine. We're all fine here. How are you?

I am totally fine with jelly beans & chocolate, as long as it's my DS that's consuming them. And since he isn't consuming anything outside of crackers and grapes at the moment, we ain't got any. At least everything will be on sale when we do get to go shopping.

Hey! rrainew was just talking about how her mom's cat brought home a bunny with no head -- maybe it was Victoria's!

And by the way, you RAWK. I had a brief shining moment of being ahead of everyone in the Challenge, but you blew past me like I wasn't even there. Go You!



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