koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Nice People Rule

I needed to get a long bike ride in today. I stopped by the post office first and my bill came to $10.01; I said "I'm sorry I don't have a penny," as I handed the clerk a ten- and a one-dollar bill. She said, "That's ok, I do," and returned the one. No change means no jingle and that made me happy.

So then my backpack was mighty flat. I decided to bungee it to the rear rack rather than ride under it. Three and a half miles later I hit a big bump as I went over the wooden lip at the edge of a bridge and I felt something odd and heard a thubup. I checked my rear tire, it was ok. I rode on, but then I noticed my water bottle was gone. It's too small for the cage and it had hopped out back there. I went back and retrieved it and suddenly realized that my backpack was gone. Obviously, I had misbungeed.

I retraced my route and found it! Someone had put it on top of the newspaper machines at the Victory Tower bus stop (about two block from the post office. If you ever need a bungee job done right, call someone else.) Everything was in it, too. I put it on and sweated in joyous relief for the rest of the ride.

Which was lovely. A perfect day, although the pollen count must have been way up there. My eyelids are like flaps of itchy injera. I got back home just before Victoria woke up from her nap. I changed shorts, since mine had developed a hole in an unfortunate spot, and she, Brian, and I went for a ride together. The trail-a-bike is working out great, although it is a lengthy contraption.

Today's ride was 45 untimed miles. I decided not to fret about time right away. Next week I hope to do a 52-mile ride; then 60's after that, at which point I will try to improve my speed. My biggest problem is getting a big chunk of a day in which to do this.

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