koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Oh little Miss Obsessive...

That is ednoria, I mean. I can see why you are so fond of this pedometer; it's cool! I have a question about your counting only aerobic miles. Here's a day, for instance:

steps: 8111
aerobic steps: 5751
miles: 4.22

Would you say that (4.22 * 5751) / 8111 would be the miles for that day?

--- change of subject ---

It was a busy day. I left the house before 8am and got home just before 11pm. The back door was wide open. I called Brian and he said that he likely left it open, as he was distracted by an interruption as he was leaving the house. Nothing seems amiss inside. But it's creepy to find the house open--it's my habit to lock stuff. I lock the house when I am working in the yard. I lock my car when I drop Victoria off at the babysitter's house.

I did leave my bike unlocked when I used the bathroom in a park the other day. As I was leaving the bathroom, a woman was coming in WITH her bike. She squeezed it into the handicap stall with her.

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