koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

uh oh

I missed the training ride on Saturday so today I rode the Mt. Vernon trail and I have good news and bad news. Good news first: the bike is fine, my butt is as tough as ever. The bad news is how slow I am. I left the house around 10 and got back around 4. It took a while to get to Rosslyn (I took the subway) but even if it took a half an hour each direction that still leaves me with an average speed of less than 8mph. A 75-mile course would take me 10 hours. I did stop a few times, but I would do that on the real ride, too. I guess that's why they want us to, y'know, train.

I have a question for ednoria. Comparing treadmill and stationary bike miles, I seem to ride about five times as fast as I walk. So how about if I count a 38-mile ride as a 7.6 mile walk? Or should I just log real walking miles for the walk to Rivendell? That's two question marks, but only one question; however, I have thought of another. Who makes your pedometer?

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