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Up and down.

I don't imagine people who work outside my college will find this too amusing (too many in-jokes), but here it is. We have a new dean at my place of employment. I put together a little song to say how nifty he is while also promoting Ag Day, a festival so wonderful that the whole University copped it and now it's called Maryland Day.

It was a fun idea I got when Jennifer left a Backstreet Boys CD in my car. Because the dean's name and "way" are homophonous, I wrote goofy new lyrics and showed xAnn, who laughed. I love making xAnn laugh, so that night I tried to put together a video to go along with it. What I came up with was funny, but only about 5% of what I needed to finish. It ended up taking about four days to do, all on my own time, but it was really fun. The people in my office liked it and we showed it to the dean, who asked for a copy to show his wife. He also gave us permission to show it at yesterday's statewide conference for extension and it was a big hit. He was there, of course; we played it just before he addressed the group. Talk about a good sport!

The day before yesterday, I was going to show Brian, who had been on travel for the entire two weeks while I was putting it together. I said, "Do you want to see the music video I made for the dean?" and he answered, "Here Dean, look how much company time I wasted on this music video!" and of course I didn't show him the damned thing and I've felt like crap about it ever since, even though I don't think it was received that way at the conference. I'm not sure why, since he's wrong and all, but here I am all bummed nonetheless.

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