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ancientsong proposed that this most recent Friday should be Everything Will Go Right Day. She began a list of suggested criteria with

you will get where you're going on time - all day

I intended to go to Kensington to hand over a few checks that I have been carrying around for a week and a half. Back when I first needed to get them to the owner, I considered mailing them and thought, "That's silly, I'll just drop by the store." Each day that passed without my having dropped off the checks I would think, "Crap, I wish I had just mailed them on day one."

So today I planned to go right after picking up Victoria. But she said, 4 seconds out of the babysitter's driveway, that she was hungry. I saw no traffic behind me in the rearview, crossed four lanes of traffic in 10 yards and took a quick right to go home first. A hungry 4yo wreaks havoc on one's EWGRD. And home is where I noticed that I didn't have my purse. So if I hadn't gone home, I would have driven to Kensington and discovered that the checks I needed to deliver were not with me after all. I did recover the purse, but by then the store was closed. So I didn't get there at all, much less on time.

That was really the middle of my day, right between work and after-work. It characterized the whole day: me attempting to get some lipstick on a great uncooperative pig. In the end, the one thing that definitely went right was the same thing that always goes right (so far).

I woke up the next morning.

Saturday was amazingly, seamlessly fabulous. Got up early, did laundry, straightened out a mess at the bank, went to Office Depot where they had everything on my list, got the checks to Eli, went to the playground and left with no fussing, Costco, the office, home. I told V that if we finished our chore list and got home before 3pm she could play with clay before napping. We got home with 12 minutes to spare. She played until 4 and slept until 6. Then I called Jennifer to see if she was back from Arizona. No answer. Victoria called someone named Steve in an attempt to call Chris. I supervised and she managed to reach Chris. We arranged to pick him up and go out to eat. Victoria was finding her shoes when Jennifer called to say she was being driven back from BWI just then. We arranged to pick her up on the way to Chris's. A family reunion! And Chris's roommate got home just in time to join us. Had fun with those guys, dropped everyone off, got home and put Victoria to bed. Folded and stickered my donation plea notes. Cleaned the bathroom. Read a book. Went to sleep. Unbelievably good all day long. So there!

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