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Maple Syrup and so forth

The Maple Syrup Festival at Cunningham Falls park doesn't go out of its way to promote itself. If lavidamd hadn't written about it I would never have known it was there. The tiny brown sign next to the exit on Rte. 15 said "Maple Syrup Exhibit", which seems less than festive. One further along implied something a little livelier: "Maple Syrup Demonstration". In fact it was plenty festive, despite some decidedly cold and gusty weather. We ate pancakes, tasted sap, pawed over some spiles, took the rockier route to the falls, and played on the playground. This is not exactly three hours' worth of stuff, but we were there at least that long. The other attraction was the Sunnyland Band, a very patient dude with about a hundred indestructible instruments. Every kid there could play every instrument if they so desired and of course Victoria so desired. Her favorite, she let us know later, was the washtub bass. Fortunately for all those little pluckers and their audience, this took place in a shed with a nice, toasty fire going in the center.

On Sunday Christopher was home and he took Victoria to sunday school. I took this opportunity to drink four cups of coffee and think about doing something useful. Then they returned. Chris had some basketball to watch (when I looked in on him, the corner of the screen read BRAD/PITT, which seemed pretty funny at the time) so V and I went to the farmers market and the playground, came home and made a quarter-batch of cookies and had a picnic in the living room. We watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast. All very exciting.

This morning she did not want to go to the babysitter's and she shouldn't have had to, since it's our spring break at work. But we are converting a big portion of our web site to a content management system while everyone else is out, so I have to be there. Maybe I will take a spring break on a couple of Spring-ier days.


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Mar. 23rd, 2006 05:52 pm (UTC)
Glad to read that the festival kept you occupied for a little while. Sorry to read that you couldn't take a more proper Spring Break.

Your Sunday seemed really cool. You are such an awesome mom!
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