koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Astonishing - just count the exclamation points

ancientsong proposed that 3/24 be "Everything Will Go Right" Day and I decided to give it a practice run yesterday. Holy cow! The only downside to EWGR day for a person like me is the increasing sense that Something Bad Is Bound To Happen as the day progresses. I persevered, however and here's how it went.

(I figured it was a good day to give it a shot, since so much had already gone right: woke up on time, cooperative kid, Brian agreed to take her to choir & soccer so I wouldn't have to leave work early, and by the time I read ancientsong's post I had still not spilled coffee down the front of my dress.)

Got a great idea for a funny Ag Day promotion. Started working on it. Had time to work on it. This is fun.

Three thankyou emails from users. This is very weird. I usually get about one per month. Weird but nice. They all cc:'d my boss, too.

Brian called, which is unusual in itself. Big news! Good news! Details later!

No unhappy coworkers, no fires to put out. Left at 5pm on the dot. I am telling you: weird.

Got home, picked up the mail. No bills.

Took Victoria to her violin lesson, where she actually performed the entire time and had fun. This is excellent.

Effortless bedtime, a big relief. We're reading Little House on the Prairie and Jack came back! We thought he had perished! Whew!

Sold three books. Saw Christopher and his roommate on their way back from basketball. Read a book. Noticed it was past midnight; concluded EWGR practice day a huge success.

The real thing will be spectacular!

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