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I signed on with a DVD-by-mail concern and it's working out ok. I don't watch a lot of movies but I'd like to. Actually, I'd like to have watched a lot of movies so that I'll know what people are talking about when they spout references. Spending hours in front of a screen is pretty much what I do all day and night anyway, so it's not a natural choice for a leisure "activity" for me. Anyway, with Netflix the DVDs just hang around waiting for me to watch them. The next thing I have up is the I, Claudius series. I had Brian and Jennifer psyched to watch with me a few nights ago and then it turned out that disk 1 had gone missing. Netflix sent another, no problem, but the moment had passed. I ended up reading the first half of The Lighthouse at the End of the World--I usually like twisty narratives and imaginative perspectives but this one wasn't doing it for me. I could see that the author wanted to write like Poe while writing about Poe, but no. I used to feel bad not finishing a book, but a friend I admire often reminds people that there are many books and life is short. Anyway, I, Claudius tonight or bust.

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