koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Snowman day two

He's listing. We took a picture this morning. You can see his nose on the ground--I was going to pick it up and put his face back together, but it's frozen into the ground and the snowman himself is quite icy on the surface. I wouldn't bet on his being upright by the time we get home.

Two other things you can see in the picture:
  • The Ledge of Interesting Rocks
    Whenever we find an interesting rock, we bring it home and look at it for a while. Then we put it on the ledge that runs along the front of the house. We have some great rocks, but some of them make you wonder why we thought they were interesting to begin with. I think Randy from across the street might be replacing some of our interesting rocks with garden-variety ones but I have no proof.
  • The Winter Break Sweater

    When I was looking for ribbons to wrap presents, I found six skeins of crappy yarn. I vowed long ago never to buy any awful yarn but obviously a breeding pair (or more) has taken residence in my basement. I started that sweater the day after Christmas and finished on New Year's Day. No pattern. It might be the first sweater I ever finished and I can tell you my secret of success: only knit sweaters for very small people.

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