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Thanks, ancientsong

Have you missed me? I have been awfully busy, but I'm never too busy to futz around with my fIpod. Here's the iTunes meme:

Number of songs: 656
Sorted by song title
  First Song: "(There's an) Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse Tonight," Rosalie Sorrels
  Last Song: "You Oughta Be In Pictures," Mel Torme
Sorted by time
  Longest Song: "Cluck Old Hen" The Waybacks 00:08:26
  Shortest Song: "Skit 1," De La Soul 00:00:25
Sorted by Artist
  First artist: Aberfeldy "A Friend Like You"
  Last artist: Ying Yang Twins "Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk!)"
Sorted by album
  First Album: A Grand Don't Come For Free (The Streets)
  Last Album: Young Forever (Aberfeldy)

Top Three Most-Played Songs
  "My Shit's Fucked Up," Warren Zevon
  "Diggy Liggy Li," The Flying Burrito Brothers
  "El Cumbachero," Ross Nickerson

First song to come up on shuffle
  "Cut Your Hair," Pavement

Number of songs that come up when I enter these terms into the search box
* sex: 0
* death: 19
* love: 40
* you: 67

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