koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

a better world for me

If things went my way, I would still work on campus but I would only be here a couple of days each week. I would only have fun and interesting things to do and should people suggest that I work on something idiotic, I would be free to say, "That is a stupid idea. See if someone else wants to help you, I certainly don't." I would spend a lot of time buying books and reading. My kids would all love bookstores and book sales and would clamor to accompany me on buying expeditions. I would eat ice cream every day. I would weigh fifty pounds less than I do right now and I would look great in hats. My dog would be so well-behaved that a leash would be unnecessary--also, she would never shed in the house and her breath would be minty fresh. My basement would remain reliably dry. Skip would send me the soup recipe that he practically promised. Also, I would never lose anything or forget stuff unless I wanted to.

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