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I tried

We are at a resort in the dead season. The place has a very complete kids' program with tons of stuff Victoria would love to do, but it is closed on weekdays during the dead season. There are six pools but they are all outside and today it was about 60 degrees all day. And windy. I called about renting bikes and the soonest they can put training wheels on one is Wednesday, so I said do it but that still left today. The kids museum is closed until Friday (we leave Thursday). The dairy with tours is closed today. I spent the morning striking out as I looked for V-friendly activities; she spent the morning writing a long letter to Sammy the Sausage on hotel stationery. I would like to know what the letter says, but she sealed the envelope and is waiting for a stamp. I do know that she expects Sammy the Sausage to give her a big hug the next time they meet and thank her for the best letter he has ever gotten. StS, btw, is a guy in a hotdog costume who wanders around during baseball games in Tulsa. Victoria was terrified of him the first and only time they met back in August.

We ended up touring Cerreta Candy. Sure, I spent the MLK birthday holiday at a chocolate factory and I am the secret architect of Wal*Mart's video recommendation software if you really want to know. Victoria made a chocolate pizza, we ate a bunch of free samples. Then we hit a thrift store for a bagful of plastic farm animals and then the grocery store for lunch items. We ate lunch on the balcony, then played farm until Brian got back.

I looked at movie theaters nearby and the only thing I thought V could bear was Dreamer, which was playing at the $2 place 10 minutes away. I thought it would be a good thing for a girl who had gone napless all day, but Brian decided to skip it. Fine, more popcorn for us. Except the popcorn was awful. So was the movie but Victoria was totally into it. I was worried at first because she was scared of the dark theater, scared of the previews (Chicken Little got her very worked up, then she was ready to bolt out of the theater when they showed Zathura), and scared of, yes, the folding seats. But the movie was about a girl and a horse and scary parts were brief and mild.

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