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"First, you are drunk. Second, this is not a waltz; it is the Peruvian national anthem. And third, I am not a woman; I am the Cardinal Archbishop of Lima."

Brian has a meeting in Scottsdale next week; Victoria and I are coming along. I hitched this ride because I thought the timing would be perfect for my use-or-lose, but the rules changed and I should have used it before last week. I learned this on Monday of this week, darn it. I hope the state of Maryland enjoys the week of leave I donated.

We're supposed to be at a fancy resort, whatever that means. I will report back. Victoria would be happy with any pool and I just like going places, so it will be good no matter what. Plus I have a friend I've only known emailically for years who lives in Phoenix, so I hope we can meet her at some point while we're out there. Usually in January I would be looking forward to some warmer weather, but it's been freakishly nice here all week. Wet, though, so I guess a blue sky would be a change.

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