koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

almost everything

I had to write a to-do list to get everything done in the right order this morning. I missed two things, but I think I can make them up tomorrow. Picked up the vegetables, went to the bank and post office, a book sale (one box of ok books, worth the drive out to Capitol Heights but nothing spectacular), Costco, home to put away groceries, work to put away more groceries, the dorm to drop off still more groceries. Jennifer wanted to eat dinner at home, so I came back out to pick her up and stopped by Shoppers for wine. It took almost a half-hour to pay for it and I ended up buying three limes that Victoria sneaked out of the stuff on the counter from the people ahead of us. I didn't mind buying some limes, but they're going to wonder what happened to them when they get home. After dinner, I dragged Jennifer to a Please Elect Kerry party, not because I'm nuts about Kerry but I wanted to see my pal Karen and she was going to be there. On the way home, the car's Check Engine light came on.

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