koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

talking to myself

I taught a training session today from my office using Centra webconferencing. I had finally gotten used to the teaching theater, where we teach a roomful of students and have several other remote sites connect, but I've always been standing in front of some group. You'd think this would be better, right? Because I would just have to talk (and listen and watch) without worrying that my hair looked funny or my slip was showing or that I was pushing my glasses up on my nose too often. Of course it was better! I was a little worried that I would breathe too loudly into the microphone, but I kept an eye on it and I think I did ok. But while my mic was always on, everyone else had to "push-to-talk" and when no one was saying something directly to the teacher, I heard nothing. It was weird. No shuffling noises, no jokes, no "fix your hair and by the way your slip is down in back". I kept inventing reasons to have people check in, but even so it was an odd way to give a class. I could get used to it, though. Heck, I could have done the same thing from my living room. In my bathrobe.

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