koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Attitude adjustment

I was feeling mighty glum recently, mostly because my job is a bit too much for one person. I spent last week working even though the University is closed and I'm still far behind the "caught up" place I was shooting for. It's frustrating and annoying. Then last night the babysitter asked if I could sit in for her for a few hours today while she attended a funeral, so of course I said yes.

One hundred and fifty minutes as a childcare provider and I now love my desk job.

Not only that, but I returned to the office and learned that a guy who uses a halfassed system I wrote and halfassedly rewrite every time a committee, power-mad administrator, or sincere-seeming outpatient gets a wild hair had dropped by while I was out. Could I give him a call? He's a big deal, so I did. And he said thanks, the software has made his job a lot easier and he wanted to tell me so. Aw!

I am still in way over my head and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will hightail it out of here the second I am able, but I am considerably less unhappy than I was before noon.
Tags: babysitter

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