koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

I guess this happens to people who don't move around much

I parked one block over from where I should have last night to go to a party. I parked halfway up the block to leave room for other partiers, but as I approached the house it looked dark and not partyish at all. Then a minivan pulled up and parked in front of the house, so I waited to see if a partier would emerge. Instead, it was a pizza guy. I said, "Dennis?" He said hi. I couldn't believe it--he and I worked at Dominos together more than 20 years ago. We didn't catch up much because we were being pelted with bits of freezing rain and we had places to be but I hope I run into him again, he's a nice guy or at least he was back then.

The Fedex delivery woman for my office and I worked together on a summer job in 1983 at the National Archives Record Center. Another guy I delivered pizzas with still delivers pizzas in College Park. He works days and I see him about once a month. We just say hi, we were never really pals. He still drives the same car.

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