koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Miraculous recovery

Remember Victoria's agony? She had this horrid ulcer inside her cheek, I saw it with my own eyes (I had to use a flashlight). I thought it was a cold sore, but I looked up "cold sore" in an attempt to find ways to relieve her pain and I learned that cold sores, which are contagious, do not grow on the soft tissues inside the mouth. Canker sores, which are not contagious, do. And did you know that canker sores can disappear in a matter of hours? Well, they can. Victoria fell soundly asleep around 4am. I had to wake her up shortly before 8 and the snow outside was a great help in this--she ran to the window, checked out the scene, and I swear not five minutes later she was completely decked out in pants, socks, shirt, snowpants, two scarves, mittens, jacket, and hat. Her temperature was normal. I asked, "How's your mouth?" "Great! Can we have a snow fight?" I checked again with the flashlight and there isn't the slightest discoloration where that sore was last night.

We could not, in fact, have a snow fight. I was dressed for the interview (I did ask the doctor on Sunday and she assured me that a sinus infection is not a contagious condition and I had no symptoms of anything else) and so Victoria got to roll around in the snow while I scraped the car free of ice. I promised to pick her up early so we could play some more before dark. Then I went to work.

I still felt horrible, but I had to do this thing. Except the interviewee, an hour before he was due for his twice-rescheduled appointment, emailed to say nevermind--I accepted something that pays way better than you ever will. I made three phone calls, put my coat back on, and went home. I slept until 3, when I picked up Victoria and we played in what was left of the soggy snow. Then Brian came home, which was a surprise. I took another nap. Now I feel like a million bucks.

We watched the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon on tv. What a strange little show that is, very disjointed. Spacey. Victoria was upset each time commercials interrupted the show. We pretty much only watch videos on our tv and the babysitter just watches PBS, so I guess she's not accustomed to the routine. She seemed to think we were stopping her "show about the kids" at random just to torment her.

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