koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Help us think of game ideas

xAnn and I, victims of our past successes, are in charge of the game for the office holiday party again. One year we had a Jeopardy-like game and it was a big hit. Last year we did a Hollywood Squares-ish game; that was fun, too. This year we are doing Survivor. I am at a disadvantage, never having watched this game on tv, but I know the basics. The thing is, there are many different tasks we need people to perform. I was hoping some gaming types reading this would have a suggestion or two.

The thing is, we are a group of varied ages, cultures, and sensibilities. We have to come up with stuff that is fun, funny, and won't hurt anyone's feelings or aggravate anyone's sciatica.

Here's why I like working on this with xAnn: she said, "Hey! How about if we weigh everybody before and after they use the bathroom? Whoever loses the most weight is the winner." As much as I like the idea of an event we could call The Defecathlon, I had to say no. But don't you just love xAnn? That's not her real name, by the way. I am tricky like that.


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