koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

I was up until three this morning because I am built that way. It was bugging me because I knew I needed to get up early but there was no helping it. So when the alarm went off at six: bleh. Got myself ready and then used callow bribery to urge Victoria along. Neither of us are morning people.

7:30 found us in line at the one local post office that opens that early. Mailed my stuff, stopped by 7-11 for the donut that had secured my early start, and dropped sugar-fiend Victoria off at the babysitter's. Then I drove to BWI to pick up a candidate for an interview. I had brought along a sign so that I could stand with the other limo drivers waiting for my passenger--her name was so long that even though I used a legal-sized piece of paper, I had to tape on another strip to hold the final three letters.

When we selected the top three applicants, I had assumed all were males. This woman called to confirm her interview date and I spent those three minutes on the phone wondering how a 12yo boy had come to earn an advanced degree and put together such a nice resumé. Only after we'd concluded the conversation did it occur to me that I had been speaking with a female. So I had a rudimentary idea of what this person might look like as I stood there with my extra-long sign and eager mien. But forty minutes after her flight had landed I hadn't seen her so I called the office. Stupidly. I should have called my voice mail, because that's what our receptionist did for me while I kept shoving change into the pay phone so that I could stay on hold while she figured out that our candidate had missed her flight and taken the next one. It would arrive in another hour, so I bought a pack of gum and a puzzle book and waited, chewing mintily.

Found her, drove her back to the interview, was impressed. Unfortunately, she needs her employer to sponsor her for a visa. I thought it would be a hassle maybe, but our HR person made it out to be a herculean task and suggested that we consider re-opening the search if she ended up being our top choice. I spent an hour looking at the H1B visa information available through DHS and I don't understand why the college is being so obstinate. She finished her practicum around 3pm and my coworker and I took her to lunch. As soon as we returned, it was time for her to go back to the airport; my boss was taking care of the return trip. I tried to catch up, since I'd been out most of the day, made very little progress.

Chatted with the babysitter and her daughter. Went to the YMCA only to discover that I had neglected to bring shoes. I usually throw a shirt and shorts in my bag, but I wear sneakers to work most days and forgot that I'd need to bring a pair. Cursed mightily. Retrieved Victoria from the playroom and went to Safeway instead. Even though I knew the Woodmoor Safeway sucks, I thought it would be ok for just this once. Wrong. I was already annoyed as I left the checkout and then I noticed that the heavens had opened. Got real wet loading car with groceries and kid. Wetter still unloading back home. Fed kid.

Suddenly I felt very, very tired. I told Victoria that if she wanted a story we'd have to hurry because my collapse was imminent. She wanted Tikki Tikki Tembo, a mercifully short story, but I kept fading off and misreading lines. After I'd finished, I told Victoria that she could read the next one and I would rest my eyes. I woke up in the chair an hour later to find her sleeping on The Story of Ferdinand.

I remember a line from the end of a cartoon version of The Three Little Pigs. At least, I think I remember this, maybe someone can confirm it for me. The wolf has entered the third pig's house via the chimney, only to find a cauldron of boiling water at the bottom. Cut to a shot of a happy pig, sampling a spoonful from the pot. He says, "Ah--cream of oblivion!" I didn't make that up, did I? Because after days like today I find myself thinking of that line. It could be my motto.

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