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FTSD: woohoo, the green Thanks for Participating ribbon again

This post is in response to a plea for reading material.

Sorry guys. Shoshanna's got a real job, dag, don't you know? Best I can do at the moment is recycle an old Brian story I inexplicably recorded way back when. It has to be a couple of years old; I don't remember the incident at all.

At dinner, Friday night:

B - The baby will have to sleep downstairs tonight.
K - Ok, why?
B - Because the kids are sleeping in her room.
K - Why is that?
B - That's where they're sleeping.
K - Jennifer and Christopher?
B - No.
K - Who is sleeping in the baby's room?
B - Adam, Zack--you know.

No, I did not know. I did know that he was leaving early to go fishing Saturday morning, so it made sense that the kids he was taking along (three nephews and one of their cousins) slept over the night before. I certainly don't mind kids sleeping over, but I resented the 20-questions approach to data sharing. Why not just say, "Kim's kids are sleeping over tonight, so the baby should sleep downstairs."? I waited until it was just us two in the room and told him so. He disagreed that he had done anything that a reasonable person would find annoying. He said that the *essential* information was included in his first statement. I said, "Argh. Whatever. I just wanted to let you know that it bugged me."

Two days later we were in the car and he said that he had been thinking about this incident and had come to a conclusion. He feels that if this is all I have to complain about, my life must be pretty easy. I replied that my life indeed is pretty easy, but that his conclusion was based on a false premise. He then said that he was thinking about using the same reasoning on Jennifer the next time she started yelling about whatever her latest problem is. I advised against this. Then he said--concerning the original incident, I suppose--that he only had so much breath to use in his life and... This is where I interrupted and said that this was an excellent point and I agreed completely and shared his concern. I urged him not to waste another molecule of air on this particular argument. After that we had a very pleasant day.

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