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Weekend report

I didn't remember to take many photos and the few I took were pretty awful (I only brought the toy camera, and that by accident) but this one came out ok.
I am used to flying Southwest, so being fed on an airplane is new and exciting. I loved United Airline's food! Easy flights there and back.

Friday I wandered around for a few hours in the morning until the British Library opened, then I checked out their exhibit hall until 11:30, when I called Jim, who works nearby. Had lunch at the pub with Jim and his mates. Went back to the library because I needed to see some more stuff. Then I stopped by the Wellcome library. I thought they had an exhibit, but it was really just a library. Pretended to be a visiting scholar and looked at measles stuff. Then I met Jim again and we went to his house.

Jim is a nice guy and all, but his 6yo daughter is a blast and a half. It took about half a second for us to become great friends and we pretty much played together for the rest of my stay. On Saturday we did a lot of shopping for the party. We visited three different grocery stores to put up moving sale notices, which was perfect. I am not much of a shopper--except for grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping; grocery shopping in London was a lot of fun. Later that night we went out to a pub. First we turned left from the front door and walked a block. The pub was loud and smoky and we could tell from the cant of the drumset that the band was going to be terrible. I figured what the hell, we're just having a quick beer, but Jim said let's try the other pub. We walked two blocks in the opposite direction and voila! a nice pub in an old train station. Very nice.

The train to Jim's house only runs hourly on Sundays, so he drove me to the closest tube stop and then I headed home. I had a swell time and would like to go back and spend more time sightseeing, which I guess would be easier if I weren't visiting people. I'll wait until the dollar is stronger, though!


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Nov. 21st, 2005 07:39 pm (UTC)
So jealous!

Glad it was a good trip, especially with the pre-prep so nervewracking...
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