koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

pimped my ride

Oh yeah. Last week my phone at work rang. I hate answering phones, but it's part of my job and I like getting paid. I answered the phone. "Go to slickdeals.net." It was Jennifer's friend. I hear and I comply. I think she might have given him a ride in my car recently? Anyway, he must have figured out that I was music-bereft. He pretty much bullied me into buying an MP3/CD player, so I replaced my busted car radio yesterday. Some problems, as always: radio reception is really bad (I haven't read the manual yet, maybe that's fixable) and I seem to have busted the cigarette lighter (probably fixable, too) and the screws that held the factory radio are too big for the new unit. You do not want to know how I solved that problem. And then the trim panel on my car was too small, so I spent my lunch hour using our little baby hacksaw here at work on it. Tada! I also got some speakers but I haven't put them in yet. A half-assed, ugly job but I can play music in my car now, woohoo!

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