koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Stuff I forgot to mention

My sister moved to Bend, OR, a couple of weeks ago. She's now VPMA of a hospital, which is better money and far better (read: predictable) hours than she had as a pediatrician in a group. She found a house and from the 200+ pictures of it I've seen so far, it is a swell pad, just right for guests.

The timing was perfect, too, as she had a few days off before moving and my dad just happened to have another heart attack just then. Everyone who has to deal with hospitals should have their own knowledgeable advocate; having her around made the ordeal much easier than it might have been, especially for my mom. But mostly for me. Come on! This is my journal, it is all about me. Anyway, I didn't have much to contribute but sympathy, which I have in abundance. Neither of my parents are particularly healthy and they've both been that way as long as I can remember. I am very happy to be able to walk and breathe easily and I do manage to be aware of this happiness most of the time.

So my dad ended up with a double bypass and his recovery was better than anyone could have predicted. He had to spend some time in a nursing home, but he should be going home this week. Too bad, I say, since I know he will not follow through with any exercise/PT unless there is someone around to make him do it. When Christopher and I were visiting, Chris asked what he had to do to get out. My dad said, "Put your hands in your pockets and keep them there. Put your feet together and stand up." Chris did. "Now sit down." He did. "Now stand up." "Sit down." "Now do that eight more times." "To hell with that," Chris said, and my dad said, "Exactly! Me too." We'll see.

There was an emergency meeting of the bookseller's group because a couple of board members resigned (they really were a couple, so it was only like losing one slot) but even when times are rough that group of people are wonderful. I meet with them for 90 minutes and I'm envigorated for weeks. Now is a good time to get some extra energy, too: I seem to be very, very busy.

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