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Thank you, Park & Planning

I was at work most of this weekend and I'm at work now, but getting ready to leave. Everything I have left to do can be done from home, I think. But for the non-sleeping hours when I was not at work, I was enjoying this magnificent weather and the trails that are steps away from my house.

On Saturday morning, Friends of the Northwest Branch sponsored a walk from Burnt Mills to Adelphi. A naturalist and an archaeologist were the guides. The Burnt Mills end of the walk was good and rocky and last week's storms had brought down quite a few trees, so the beginning was a fun scramble. We ended on the paved trail that runs from my neighborhood to the University and beyond. Right near Adelphi Mill, there is something that will astonish you: a prehistoric quarry. I shit you not. Go west from the mill along the path, maybe 200 yards. There's a footbridge over the water, tagged colorfully by those delightful MS13 scamps. Just across the bridge, look to the right for what looks like the beginning of a culvert or drain--it's a collection of discarded quartzite pieces. Pick up almost any good-sized rock and you'll see where a chunk was split off. Neato! Check it out sometime--in the daylight, and bring big friends...

This morning, Brian took Victoria to Sunday School and I ran on Sligo Creek trail, which is closer still. "Run" does not accurately describe my activity, but it feels like running to me. Even so, when I "run" I am routinely passed by those sturdy pairs of dogwalking women inevitable in this neck of the woods. One thing I've noticed is a dog shift. When I moved here a few years ago, the sturdy pairs were all walking bandanna-sporting black labs. It's maybe seven years later now, and they're all walking rescued greyhounds, neckwear optional. Where have the labs gone?

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