koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

"... he was so strong that he could bend a tire in half, which is harder than it sounds."

Harder than it sounds?

Anyway, I have learned that Brian was able to arrange things so that I can go to London as planned. He doesn't have to miss anything, as his meeting is over the day before my flight out. So I don't know what caused the earlier uproar. I am a tad nonplussed but when am I not? And then I find in my inbox the following evite message:
Hello, I'm writing to let you know that changes have been made to our upcoming event, [J] Leaving Shindig. For some strange reason [the wife] went and broke her kneecap. At the moment she is wheelchair bound. Therefore we have decided to postpone the party until she can stand. It just so happens that 26 November will not only see [her] upright but will also be her (and her kneecap's) birthday. Therefore we are changing the party to then. Feel free to email me at [] if you have any questions. Thanks, [J]

Ok. I was going to London to go to J's party. Then I wasn't going. Then I was. Now I am going to London, but not to the party. Got it.

Is "bench press" the same as "chest press"? That's my question.

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