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Death by a thousand cuts


I realized last week that when I was trying to coordinate my London trip with Brian's travel plans, I was off by a week. I told him about it on Friday and he was pretty mad. I should be the angry one--I think that I have to can the trip and forfeit the ticket, which is both a disappointment and a painful fee. I would consider it a screw-up and move on, but Brian had to remonstrate, "You always fuck up everything. You think it's cute to be the absent-minded professor and not pay attention and then everyone else has to pick up after you."

Ow. I have sorta resigned myself to the fact that I am very disorganized, but I manage to fake my way through lots of stuff and I'm absolutely sure that I do not always fuck up everything. And I don't find it cute and I can't think of a way to make it cute. It is inconvenient and embarrassing and annoying, none of which are cute. Take today, for example. Everything crappy that follows is a result of my lack of planning, foresight, or attention.

The MD Motor Vehicle Administration discovered that my car insurance lapsed for two months earlier this year. My fault, I paid the premium late. Yes, two months late. My old agent (same company) just postdated everything when this happened--many times--and I got spoiled. I mean, why wouldn't State Farm want to take my money for two claim-free months in the past? Maybe it's illegal, I don't know. Anyway, the MVA fined me $150 for the uninsured period and something went wrong each of the four times I tried to pay over the phone. I stopped trying. They sent me a note to let me know that my registration was suspended, so I figured I'd just go in person and straighten the whole thing out this morning. I was going to leave work early anyway because Victoria had a doctor's appointment, so I took the whole day off instead. It took from 9:30 to 12:40 to pay the fine and renew my registration. Just over three hours and the place wasn't even crowded. Oh, I was in a super mood as I hurried back to the doctor's office.

The appointment was for 1-something. I thought it was 1:30, but I had written it down on my desk at work and expected to see it this morning. But I didn't go to work, see, so it could have been 1:00. If it was 1:30, I would have time to drop off the pants Christopher wanted drycleaned for homecoming next weekend. So I called the doctor's office from the MVA to ask. Yeah, well, I missed the appointment, which was for 11:30. The office closes at 1pm on Mondays. So I rescheduled (next Tuesday at 11:30, in case I wonder later), cursed silently, and drove to the music store to get Victoria's violin.

Or not. They didn't have any 1/10-size in stock and deliveries are on Monday, so she'll have another week of no-violin violin lessons. FINE. The teacher wanted me to rent a regular violin to practice along with Victoria (a Suzuki thing, but I like it); however, I am going to borrow ednoria's instead if I remember to ask her.

I dropped off the pants without incident. Stopped by the house for an hour to try to get Victoria to rest. Hah! She was in no mood to rest. Then we went to choir practice, followed by soccer at the YMCA.

I noticed a sign at the Y: Try kinder-soccer, first session free! The sessions were scheduled right after choir practice, which is just up the street. Normally, 4:30 would be too early for my work schedule, but I have to take leave anyway to get her to choir, so why not? She tried it last week and it was great. So after last week's class, I went to the front desk and signed her up. Paid $58. Seemed high to me, but the coach was great, the kids had fun, whatever. Right. So this week they had fun again. And then at the end everyone got a swell "thanks for participating" ribbon because IT WAS THE FINAL SESSION.

Still cursing silently, I asked Victoria if she wanted to go out to eat. We had an hour before the violin class (which started out on Thursday but was switched to Monday starting today) and technically we could have gone home to get food, but I was pretty sure something would go wrong if we tried that. She suggested the crab place, which is about 40 minutes away. I said that wasn't very practical, so she countered with Tastee Diner, which I hate. She goes there with Brian; I have no idea why he likes it but he does. So we went to Tastee Diner. She had a bowl of plain noodles. I had bad soup and horrible salad.

We made it to the violin lesson. I remembered to bring our book, and it was good that I did--it is, of course, the wrong book. No wonder the lessons don't match what she'd given us.

Came home and checked on the status of my passport application--just for yucks. Anyone who has bothered to read this far knows what happens next: the application has not been entered into the system. There's no status to report. The check hasn't cleared my bank. Victoria's sleeping upstairs; I could curse as loud as I'd care to but I don't care to. I don't care.

One day! Really, only about 12 hours! Blech.

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