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Shoes for industry. Shoes for the dead. Shoes for industry.


Background I am real low-maintenance. I don't need any medications, I eat just about anything, I don't wear jewelry or perfume or nail stuff. I'll wear whatever fits or comes close to fitting with the exception of shoes. My shoes have to fit. But my feet are weird. If I just had to fit the length, I could get by with men's for the most part, but those are just too wide. Oh yeah, and my feet are as flat as feet can be. All those shoes that offer arch support are pure walking torture for me. When I find shoes that fit, I am very happy.

So I was watching King John with Brian last Friday and at intermission I pointed out my shiny new sneakers.

Oops. I forgot some background. I wear sneakers every day for at least an hour, all day most days. I always have an older pair and a newer pair. When chunks start falling off of the older pair, I toss them and get a new newer pair as soon as I can--but sometimes it takes months because of my aforementioned weird feet. A new pair of sneakers is a cause for celebration.

Brian (in a tone not indicative of celebration): Great. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Me: I don't know. Ten?

Then I sort of zoned out of the first part of post-intermission King John because I was mentally counting my shoes. Over and over. I was right; I have ten pairs of shoes.

Now we're walking out to the car.
Me: You think I have too many shoes.
Brian: Yes, you do have too many shoes.
Me: That is just silly. I bet if you asked everyone in that theater, you would find that NO ONE had fewer than ten pairs of shoes.
Brian: I would take that wager.

Much to the relief of our babysitter, we did not poll the theater. And I did concede that the cowboy boots aren't strictly necessary, but they fit perfectly and if I ever decide to be a cowboy having them will save me a lot of looking.

Anyway. Will you LJ friends indulge me and count your shoes? How many do you have?

*No good for running at all--I found this out the hard way.

Boots, snow & cowboy2
Dress, brown & black & blue3
Sneakers, older & newer2
Chucks (like sneakers, but no good for running*)1

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