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Brian wanted to go to Point Lookout on Saturday, but we were late leaving home because Victoria wanted to stop at the playground on the way home from the PO, where she met a boy. She is one tenacious playmate. AND the boy's aunt was very chatty--in the course of her telling me a million things about herself we learned that she bought the house containing the basement in which Brian and I lived twenty years ago. More chat (she bought it from our scummy slumlord, plenty of stories about that jerk) and finally I dragged Victoria home sometime after noon. It wouldn't have mattered if we had left any earlier, though, because the campground at the park was fully reserved in advance. Something about a holiday weekend. We poked around anyway and then took their mimeographed sheet of other local campgrounds to find a place to set up.

The closest place on the list was creepy, too scary to stop. The next place was much neater. It's run by a church group or maybe a very active AA cell. It's the Take It Easy campground. To get to our site we drove down Sonshine Lane and around A Higher Power Court or something like that. We put up the tent and then drove to St. George Island to look around and hang out on the little beach. It was getting dark, so we went to a restaurant up the street and then back to the tent to make a fire. The Take It Easy campground tent section was quite a happening place on this Saturday night. Everyone had a huge fire and the people to our right were having a great time torturing their sons with oldies on a boombox. I don't mind hearing a dude rip through Paradise by the Dashboard Light as long as it's not more than once a decade or so, so I am set for a while now. Brian and Victoria had gone to bed and I was poking at our fire and gearing up for the Olivia Newton John retrospective when a guy came crashing through the brush looking for Crystal. I couldn't help him, but he found her a few sites over. He wanted his blanket back, as he explained with escalating volume and profanity. Crystal was a good match for him in both decibels and vocabulary--she had no intention of returning his blanket. All the while, folks at the next site over from them were setting off fireworks, the big kind that make colorful umbrellas up in the sky. Or make a huge noise and leave a dramatic smudge on the side of the portapotty. Anyhow, it was very entertaining.

The next day we went back to the little beach for a while and then toward home. We stopped at Calvert Cliffs and walked to that beach. It was a perfect beach day and a nice hike. On the way back we stopped at Buckmaster's in Chesapeake Beach and ate twice our weight in crabs. It was a nice farewell-to-summer weekend, I guess.

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