koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

What I Did on my Summer Vacation: Burke Lake SP & more Omaha

We didn't want to retrace our steps by taking 90 eastward, so we came back on 18. That let us visit Wounded Knee and see a lot of very tiny towns. It was also a pretty speedy route, except for the 20ish-mile stretch that hadn't been paved. By the time we found a place to camp, every grocery store had closed (it was Sunday). I was going to fry the fish, but I couldn't find anything like butter in the convenience store at the Pump 'n' Stuff. Yes, Pump 'n' Stuff. I ended up poaching them in something-grapefruit Fuse and they were delicious. We stayed at another lakeside park and we were the only people there. Nice!

We drove back to Omaha the next day and stayed in the same hotel for the last night. We went to a restaurant and ate steak because, you know, we were in Omaha, then we went to a ball game. The next day we cleaned out the car, walked around the botanical gardens (outdoors only--we didn't have a lot of time to spend) and played at a playground near the airport. Then we flew home and now our vacation is over. Too short!

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