koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


I do love me a good book sale. I didn't get up super-early to stand in line at Stone Ridge today--I figured the rain would temper the crowd for me. When I got there about 15 minutes before it opened, there was a respectable line and a surprising number of Stone Ridge Women in it. The opening hour crowd at this sale tends to be of two parts: the dealers, who have been preparing all week by not bathing, by sharpening their elbows, by honing their hovering techniques; and the school-affiliated moms and grandmoms, who show up in $400 loafers with NO SOCKS which is ok because they never perspire and they only smell like flowers or better, who have babies in slings and toddlers in strollers and their cell phones glued to their faces. I figured the latter group would not brave the weather, but apparently there exists a waterproof line of cosmetics for they were there in all their fearless glory. Ok by me! I still got a box full of swell stuff and I said hi to some cute babies. I stopped by the PO and the grocery store on the way back and was still back at work before 10am.

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