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I've been trying to get stuff in order at work so that I can leave for SD with no dangling issues. Supposed to go tomorrow (later today, technically) and things are dangling like mad. And yet I was one carefree grasshopper for a good part of this week. I went to a bbq and concert on Tuesday with Brian's work people. Friday his friend got married and we went to the wedding and reception and then somebody's house, all nice. Got home around 3:30 and slept a couple of hours before getting up to fit in a quick trip to the bank and PO before taking Victoria to see pirates battle village folk. She had gone to a birthday pirate party a few weeks ago and has been sporting her cardboard eyepatch and arrrhing every day since then. I was a little worried that we would drive all the way to Practically PA just to have her get spooked and want to go straight home. She does freak out easily. It turned out, however, that she is one bloodthirsty little pirate fan. We watched them shoot each other, then we checked out a playground and a trail along the water. It was a perfect day for it, especially if you weren't clad in layer upon layer of pirate garb. We upgraded her eyepatch to a tough plastic version and bought a flag, too.

Stopped by work and she played on pbskids.org while I did a little bit of stuff. We came back home, then Brian and I went to see The Aristocrats. Interesting idea and it was fun to see so many comedians, but not the crazy ride I thought it might be. There's a joke and it's not particularly funny. I doubt if anyone laughs the first time he hears it. The game is to retell it with your own details and make it as outrageously offensive or disgusting as you can. So this movie is dozens of people talking about and telling this joke. Ok movie and I'm glad I saw it but my time could have been better spent this particular evening. Now I have to pack and I hope I'll get a chance to finish four more things before we have to go.

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