koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Where were you twenty years ago today?

By now I had a half a day of motherhood under my belt (I actually had a belt on; an elastic contraption that was supposed to keep an enormous sanitary napkin in place. When I fly, I never use those airline pillows, partly because they remind me of that giant thing.) The due date was July 18th, but I knew it was going be later because I was taking a class that didn't end until the following week. Finished the class, no problem. I quit work on the last day of July because I was scheduled for an induction on August 1st. Saved a bundle by waddling into the hospital with a tremendous backache early that morning. I hopped on a bed, someone took a look, and they told me I had to hop on another kind of bed, and fast. I did and ploop! Baby girl. Very, very cute. Happy birthday, Jennifer. Tempus fugit, no shit.

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