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outage, pirate party, museums

Brian called Friday evening to ask if I was taking Victoria to his friend's son's birthday party. I said why not, which is not the same as asking why not. There were some points to be made on the con side of that balance sheet, but I'm always working toward being mistaken for a team player. It's not like my weekend was booked solid or anything.

Then Christopher called and said he needed to come home after midnight. Why? "I think some people are getting together and maybe doing something." I didn't find that a compelling argument. I urged him to be home before midnight and was surprised when he showed up shortly thereafter. He sat out front reading a book. Suddenly, lightning filled the sky and soon after that giant orange explosions joined in as stuff started blowing up. We lost power for the rest of the night, which made reading difficult. Poor Chris.

Saturday morning we ran errands and found a present and wrapped it. The birthday party was for a 5yo and there were about a dozen kids, mostly neighbors, plus parents who had to stand around and chat for two hours. Victoria really, really, really digs other kids. She was happy to run around, whack at the pirate piñata, pin the patch on the pirate, and eat a cubic foot of birthday cake icing. I am not such a great chatter but I survived. The last pirate party I went to featured Captain Morgan and what I remember most about that was how spectacularly crummy I felt the next day. When we got home Victoria still had some play in her, so we went to the playground and she ran around some more.

The next day Jennifer, Victoria, and I went to the natural history museum. They renovated the mammal hall a while back and when we took Victoria she was terrified of the stuffed animals. She is still terrified. She didn't scream this time, I guess that's progress. The discovery room was open, so she spent a lot of time in there. We went to the insect zoo, but she was starting to fade so we went outside and ate our snack. Then Jennifer's friend called. (Jennifer's phone had been in use frequently since we left the house. Very annoying, but I noted that on the train car we took out of town there were seven passengers, five of whom were engaged in phone conversations as we waited--there was a delay due to single tracking. The other two were me and Victoria.) He wanted to go to the art museum. The plan was for me and Victoria to head home, but we decided to tag along.

These guys weren't art aficionados. They made fun of some art, found the painting they wanted to see in a book at the book store--Rafael's The School of Athens--and then we had gelato and retrieved Victoria's backpack, which the guards insisted we leave at the coatcheck. We rode home, stopping by 7-11 but Victoria was too tired for a Slurpee, which is a first. Brian got home right after we did and Jennifer drove to school to pick up yet another friend and we all met at Ledo's for dinner. Brian had to leave to catch a plane and I took everyone back to school except for Victoria. We played an animal stacking game for a while, read a book, and Victoria was asleep. I listed a bunch of books for the first time in ages. It feels great to put inventory online--I had to make myself stop when I realized it was almost 4am.

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