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Almost two years ago I decided that I did need a cell phone. I found one on eBay that worked with the Virgin Mobile debit system, which is great for cheap people who hate to make or take phone calls. This phone is approximately the size and shape of three McDonalds' hash browns stacked together with considerably less grease. It came with several faceplates to snap over the keypad side so that while the back is always black, the front can match your outfit. Your outfit, that is, if you were a person of about my age whose wardrobe consisted of concert tshirts from your high school days. One plate was an incongruous baby blue with big white daisies scattered about; it was the only one that didn't scream Foghat so I chose it and have never looked back.

Today was my day to attend CFUnited as a guest of Teratech. I haven't been to this conference since they used to hold it in a single lecture hall at NIH. It's gotten huge since then, with four concurrent sessions running and people from around the country attending. Too bad I can't go all three days, it's very good. I hadn't been to the Bethesda North Marriott convention center before--I think it's pretty new. Time and babysitting were issues so I drove, but the White Flint metro stop is just across Rockville Pike from the hotel.

I usually leave my phone in the car all the time. I brought it in with me because Christopher was going to orientation at UMBC today and I wanted him to be able to reach me if he needed something. Of course I didn't want to have to pull the thing out of my purse because it's too big and too daisy-y. The next-biggest phone I saw all day was the size of a cigarette lighter. And they were all silver. Your choice in phone colors is now silver or brushed silver, it seems.

Chris didn't call, but the babysitter did right in the middle of a session. She wanted me to bring her a tomato when I came to pick up Victoria. So I'm glad I brought the phone in.
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