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Crash and yoga and camels

I forgot to write about the movie I saw. Or anything else about this weekend.

Saturday we were supposed to go to the Folklife festival, but during the walk to the PO it became obvious that Victoria was too cranky for this to be any fun. Brian took her to the pool and I tried straightening the house but mostly got distracted by printed matter, shiny things, etc. They got back and he said let's see a movie and I said ok. I picked up Jennifer to babysit and we saw Crash. If you haven't seen it yet, I advise that you wait for the video. It's about race relations, set in LA, and there is not one subtle frame in the whole darn film. I thought it was ok to watch, if ham-fisted and manipulative. It seemed more like a tv show, maybe a Hallmark special with profanity. Brian felt it was a piece of crap. Well, they can't all be winners.

The plan was for Jennifer to sleep at home, drop me off at yoga Sunday morning, and take Victoria to Butler's Orchard to pick blueberries. Then they would come back for the party portion of the yoga party, bearing fruit. That didn't work because Jennifer left shortly after midnight to assist a friend with a flat tire and she didn't get back until around 5. I have to find some time to get up to pick blueberries because I "won" 10 pounds of them at a silent auction and I need to collect while they're in season.

So I went to yoga alone and that was fine. It was all poses with animal names, which meant we skipped the stuff we usually do in the beginning. I don't like those anyway--the ones where you stand with your legs apart always make my feet ache in the place where the arch would be if I had any arch at all. I did a little of the party, but then I ran home because I thought people were eager to go to the festival.

Only one person was eager. Jennifer claimed that she wanted to go on Saturday but Sunday just wouldn't work. Victoria was very excited, though, so we packed a sack of snacks and set off. On the way there, I told her about animal yoga and she started listing animals, very few of which we had done. Among them: squirrel, bear, shark (Her speech is often very unclear. "Sock? A sock is not an animal." "Not a sock! A SOCK--it's a fish with lots of teeth!"), giraffe, elephant. She did correctly guess dog and cat, we've done those at home.

The festival was a big hit. She was really into the Omani dancers, especially when they would invite people to hop up on stage with them. She liked the camels, too. A lady gave her a colorful woven fan and for the rest of the afternoon people kept asking us where we'd got it. The ethnic vegetable guy gave her an Indian eggplant. She milked a fake cow a half-dozen times. We never got to the Forest Service section or part of the music area, so we'll have to go back next weekend. Brian met us after his softball games (they play at West Potomac Park nearby), but everything was closing down just then. We walked around a little and then he gave us a ride home. A nice weekend.

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