koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

me at the beach

Bus trip was fine. Lots of adorable scandinavian kids, some commuters, one horribly annoying phonetalker, Bruce Chatwin's On the Black Hill. I couldn't reach Brian for about a half-hour after arriving at Ocean City, but eventually he found me. He asked if I wanted to do anything and I said sure, let's get a drink. Well, Victoria is in the car. Sure enough, there she was. Snoring away. We stopped at a 7-11 and got some beer, then we drove to the house.

The house is in a piney community called Ocean Pines. Everyone was asleep. We put Victoria to bed and sat on the front porch to have some beers. Went to bed ourselves. I got up early and started Tim Park's Italian Neighbors but I didn't get far before the elders started waking up and wandering about. We had a huge breakfast and were on the beach by 10 for a day of perfect weather; we got back around 5 and had time to catch a baby snake and a tadpole before dinner. A huge dinner. The kids played some more and then watched Shrek until they fell asleep. The grownups played pip, which is like dominoes with wildcards. Then it was a little after 11 and everyone went to bed.

Everyone went to bed. I asked Brian, "Are you tired?" He said sure. I checked my email and thought about going to bed but it was exactly midnight and I was not exactly tired. I went out for a walk.

Ocean Pines is spooky as hell this time of night. No sidewalks, very little car traffic, and no people. A couple inside watching tv, but none walking outside, none sitting on porches. Just dark, quiet houses and some frog noises and the whoosh of the highway just beyond the trees. I walked around for an hour and now I guess I'll try sleeping. I'm still not exactly tired.

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