koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

weekend sux already

Last week Brian emailed me that on this Friday he wanted to go to a double-feature drive-in movie at the Bowie Baysox stadium. His friend was bringing his kids and Brian said that he wanted us to go.

The movies were some kid movies. I wasn't thrilled, considering that the same night there's a free concert and outdoor movie about the history of New Orleans funk that would not only be fun to attend, but is in nearby Silver Spring. I suggested this alternative.

Brian nixed this. He wrote that Bowie was on the way to the beach and his sister had invited us to the beach for the weekend. That was the first I'd heard of this invitation plus I hate the beach but I said ok because I was trying to be a team player. Guess what: I am not really a team player.

So all this week I've been intending to go home from work, hop in Brian's car, and ride to Bowie and then the beach. I don't know where we are staying--Brian's sister's husband's parents have a house in Ocean Pines but I don't think we're staying in their house, just visiting. We're bringing a tent, so there will be someplace to sleep no matter what. Are you keeping up with this? It is a weekend with my in-law's in-laws. I'm still on the team, just barely.

Last night at 11:30 I asked Brian what the schedule for today would be. That's when he told me that since his parents would be coming along with us he was going to skip the movie and leave early. How early could I get off work?

Maybe I could have arranged to leave early if I had known about this, but it's not possible today. I suggested that he leave with his parents whenever they cared to; then I would collect Victoria from the sitter after work and drive out to meet them. Last night he said ok to this.

This morning as I was ready to leave for daycare, Brian told Victoria--Victoria, not me--that he would be picking her up early from the sitter so that they could go to the beach. Of course it's slightly annoying to hear this second-hand, but suddenly I felt free! Relieved! Off the team! I said that in that case, I would just skip the beach.

It's not like I haven't bailed on stuff before. Usually I get a disgusted look and a "fine, seeya" and that's that. But no. Brian explains that his sister's husband's mom has planned for a certain number of people and it will disappoint her if I don't come. HOW THE HELL DID SHE PLAN? I see no evidence of planning anywhere here. Whatever. Then--here's where I actually got pissed off--Brian goes, "Why can't you take off early?" and I started to say that we'd been short all week and I couldn't leave without arranging coverage but then he did this eyeroll/sneer thing and I had to get away before something untoward happened.

I guess after work I will drive alone in beach traffic to spend the weekend with people who honestly would have just as good a time without me, but why?

Should be nice weather; I'm looking forward to that.

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